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Your LearnPlatform Inventory Dashboard provides insight into which, how many, and how often edtech products are accessed by students and educators across your district. 

Here are 3 things you can do with your district’s Inventory Dashboard:

  • Identify your district's most popular edtech tools
  • Uncover "invisible" edtech use
  • Discover opportunities to improve edtech engagement

LearnPlatform supports comprehensive cross-platform edtech engagement tracking via Chrome extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, as well as iOS application installation on Apple devices via Jamf Pro. Best of all, it’s free to any district.

LearnPlatform is the comprehensive edtech effectiveness system used by more than 270,000 educators to save time, save money and improve outcomes. The research-driven technology, central office automation, and data-rich insights and services equip school districts, states and their partners to organize, streamline and analyze their edtech interventions to ensure they are safe, equitable, and cost-effective for all students. For more information, visit

District Installation Guide: Inventory Dashboard

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