Do you know which edtech products are being accessed in your district?  

Find out with LearnPlatform's comprehensive analytics dashboard. Create your free account and install the LearnPlatform Chrome Extensions to get started in minutes.


Know what's being accessed

Monitor and analyze which learning tools your educators access most, least and everywhere in between.  

Dive deeper into your data

Know which edtech products are being accessed across schools with configurable analytics. 

Make data-driven decisions

Make better budget and policy decisions backed by analytics and insights on more than 5,000 edtech tools.


 Access all the analytics you need in one dashboard.

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“What I like about the Chrome extensions is that they are easily installed via the G-Suite control panel and immediately begin providing insights into the edtech software usage throughout our school. Better data helps us make better decisions surrounding budgets and on ROI.”

Ravenscroft School | CIO


 The LearnPlatform Usage Dashboard is free! 

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*Due to security requirements, the LearnPlatform analytics dashboard is active within 48 hours of set up.