How much can my district save?

Increase your edtech savings and return on investment with LearnPlatform.

3 Ways You’ll Save with


Know what to keep (and what to get rid of) for YOUR students and teachers with IMPACT™ Analysis.
Streamline every step with educator-designed dashboards and automation.
Increase purchasing power with a streamlined, unified process for approving products aligned to your organization’s mission, vision, values and needs. 

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Hundreds of schools and districts using LearnPlatform have saved millions of dollars in 2016 alone. They are improving their instruction, their budgets and their understanding of what works best for their students, teachers and district leaders.  
What would saving $10 or $20 or even $50/student mean to your budget?  
Based on the savings and data-driven benefits other organizations have seen, we’d love to calculate the savings you can gain — using basic info already at your fingertips —  with our complete edtech management platform.

See our committment to efficacy and equity for all education organizations and ask about our discounts for K-12 district with fewer than 5,000 students and/or Title I designation.

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